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Ink ACJ AE-664M Magenta (Epson T6643)

Art.No.: CQIACJET6643
Ink ACJ AE-664M Magenta (Epson T6643)
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Ink ACJ AE-664M Magenta (Epson T6643)
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L100; L101; L110; L111; L120; L130; L1300; L1800; L200; L201; L210; L211; L220; L300; L301; L303; L310; L313; L350; L351; L353; L355; L358; L360; L363; L365; L455; L550; L551; L555; L565; L655; L800; L801; L810; L850.

Kodas: T6643
Talpa: 100ml
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